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PostSubject: OFFICIAL RULES   Sat Jul 09, 2016 4:03 pm

This is the most important part of our forum, the OFFICIAL RULES. I will not be light on these.

First I shall introduce you to our THREE STRIKES RULE. Basically, you have 3 chances to change your ways before I and throw the book AT YOU. This is based on what you are doing.
One infraction will result in a warning.
Two infractions will cause me to suspend your account for a week. Stand in a corner and think about what you did!
Three infractions result in a ban.

Here is the actual rules.

1. DO NOT by all means bully someone. Samuel was bullied and he never enjoyed it, so why should you bully someone else? If you are caught bullying another user you will be banned without question.
2. I do not permit cussing. If you cuss, it will change it to something new. If you try to star it out or get past the filter, you will receive an infraction. I want this forum to be family friendly. I have a cussing problem but where cussing is not permitted I do not do it, so if I can do it so can you.
3. Do not spam the forum.
4. DO NOT by any means discuss DRUGS, ALCOHOL, OR SEX. You shouldn't be doing drugs, alcohol discussion can stay at the bar and sex can stay in your bed. We don't wanna hear about it. If I catch you talking about doing drugs and alcohol illegally you will be banned without question.
6. I will allow some respectful discussions of religion, politics, etc. There will be a forum section for this. Please refrain from harassing people for their views. If you start harassing people you will be the one in trouble, not the one who began the conversation.
7. Do not make inappropriate signatures, avatars, or usernames to this forum. This includes making your username a cuss word, avatars with bare breasts, etc. We want this family friendly, not a porn site.
8. Do not impersonate Samuel Larsen or any other human for that matter. Any person caught doing this will be permanently banned.
9. Please do not put your ACTUAL full name or location in your info. I know younger user may not see the issue but the internet can be a very dangerous place. Putting your actual full name and location on anything might allow someone to find and hurt you, please be safe.
10. If you have an issue with another user do not fight harshly but contact a moderator or report the post. You are not alone.
11. Please do not beg to be a moderator. If you desire to join the moderators group I have a thread where you can file to be one.
12. Do not beg Samuel to message you. He is a very busy person and if he is here or is not he may not have time to do that. Show love not obsession.

***I will permit starred out cussing like this d*** if you are posting a song lyric, title, etc. which has this within it.
***I will allow cuss words in a graphic if it relates to the songs lyrics. I.E. Samuel's song education says "She don't give a d*** about the money" I will permit you to make something like that, but not in any other occasion.
***I will permit shirtless pictures of Samuel. I do not want shirtless/partly naked/bikini pictures of anything or anyone else.

If you have any suggestions or objections (SERIOUS ones) please post here. otherwise, follow the and there will be no issues. Be my little okay? Smile
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